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RDX training pads are rated best in the world. RDX Sports training pads are made using quality built material. Boxing training pads increase efficiency and safety in training by using impact absorbing material. RDX pads for training incorporate Max-Shock foam technology and come with riveted handles.

  • $44.49
    RDX Gel Straight Strike Muay Thai Pad
  • $44.49
    RDX PTM Dome Fitness Muay Thai Pad Training
  • $59.99
    RDX Leather-X Curved Gel Strike Shield
  • $44.49
    RDX PTM Dome Strike  Curved Muay Thai Pad
  • $25.49
    RDX Smartie  Hook & Jab Pads
  • $65.49
    RDX G-Core Leather Pro Thai Pads Training
  • $56.99
    RDX Leather-X Gel Curved Strike Shield