RDX sports understands what it takes to be a fighter – the hunger for glory, greatness, and the pain that comes with it. We believe that no matter what the cost – the fighter comes first.

Our fight began in 1999, in Bury Manchester, England with the hopes of redefining the philosophy of Contact Sports. Today, RDX Sports has established itself as a leading Contact Sports apparel brand hailing from the UK, dominating with a gigantic customer base of 200 Million worldwide. RDX is undoubtedly the no.1 Contact Sport apparel brand in Europe - and the answer to American, Mexican, Japanese and Australian mediocrity.

We’re giving the fighters what they want - technologically advanced high-quality sporting goods designed to enhance technique while providing complete fighter security in the lines of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai and Fitness.

Be it a ring, cage or matt - YOU bring the guts and we’ll do the rest.