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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for the RDX Sports affiliate program?

You can be our affiliate if you have excellent social media following, content and blogging site, you have coupons or retail website, if you offer deals and discount based sales on your website, if you have an influencer network and if you provide a how-to guidance to your audience.

What is the commission margin?

You’ll be getting a commission on each successful sale for up to 10 percent.

Is there a sign up cost?

No there isn’t.

What is the cookie storage on your affiliate program?

We have a 30-day cookie system

Where can I get the catalog of your products?

Click here to know more about our products.

Will I get help or guidance or will I be managing on my own?

No, you will be properly guided through each process and you will get professional updates including banners, text links and affiliate newsletters that will keep you informed. Write to us at

How will I know if a sale has been made?

Easy. We have a dashboard made for our affiliates where they can check the status of their sales. You will get the status like this:

Completed: Order complete and dispatched

Processing: Order completed on our end, but it is in transit

Pending: Customer hasn’t paid yet or not willing to pay.

On-Hold: If the order is getting verified at any stage of the transaction, you’ll see this status.

Will I have to change my website?

Not really, just create unique and engaging content and update your website regularly. You’ll be making your readers happy that you are active and updated with everything that is YOUR expertise while buying from us and returning you a portion of that hard work. You’ll get constant updates from us on arrivals, sales, and contests so you can engage your audience in a proper manner and earn more.

What perks will I get other than the commission?

You will be the first to know about discounts, deals, and new arrivals. You will also get a range of fresh and vibrant banners with a newsletter that will have all the trends, news and tips. We have an excellent AOV and on-site conversion rate which will benefit us both. Deep linking opportunity is also available so you can benefit with the program as much as you can.

How will I get paid?

You should have a PayPal account.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid after every 30 days in case the payment threshold crosses a minimum of $100

What is a sub-store?

You’ll be able to create a list of products that you can recommend to your customers on a single page. So instead of navigating through a number of pages, you are increasing the buy-rate because the customers are getting details of all relevant products on the same page.

Can I refer a friend?

You can refer your friends or affiliates through Facebook, email, Twitter and Google+ and see the traffic on your dashboard.

How can I join or leave a program?

In the programs section, you can easily opt out of the program you are not interested in, and at the same time, join the program you like.

What is the report system?

We have a real-time report system, where you will be able to see your traffic sources and the sales made on your dashboard.