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RDX Sports was launched in 1999 and since then, we have achieved a level where we sit with the top brands in the market. With over a million happy customers across the globe, RDX Sports has always lived up to the expectations of over 1100 partner clubs and gyms with hundreds of distributors across the globe, and we have finally decided to open our doors for the grand market of Internet Affiliate Marketers. Affiliate marketing is called the ‘word of mouth’ of the internet. You’ll be recommending and promoting our products to your already existing and new customers and visitors and on every sale that you are successful in making, you’ll get a commission out of it.

We have 10 online stores available at the moment, with a global shipping system that works flawlessly in countries like the United Kingdom, The United States, France, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain and Australia.

Program Highlights

Here is where we will tell you how you can earn through us, by doing little to no effort.

  • Our Commission Rates go up to 10%
  • 30-day cookie
  • We have a detailed product catalog
  • You will get weekly Affiliate Newsletters
  • You will get updated selection of creative banners and text links
  • Deep Linking Availability is available
  • There is a quick delivery turnout in our affiliate program
  • Coupon sites: Tiered 1-5%

How to Join our Affiliate Program?

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Gear up.

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