RDX CG Heavy-Duty Fabric Resistance Training Bands for Fitness

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This anti-slip and durable fabric resistance band from RDX is made from poly-cotton to ensure strong resistance and provides extra elasticity during workouts at home gym. A top-notch exercising tool for yoga, Pilates, fitness and a perfect curvy butt. Light, medium and heavy, this resistance bands set comes in 3 levels of workout bands that are perfect for various strength level exercises at home gym. Our Light fabric resistance band has a total length of 660.4mm & can bear strength from 18 to 32lbs. Medium resistance band has a total length of 762mm and weight-bearing capacity of 30-50lbs. Heavy fabric resistance band for home gym features total length of 863.6mm and 45-70lbs strength. A perfect combination of poly-cotton & latex silk with uniform thickness of 3.43mm & 80.01 width these gym resistance bands are lightweight, highly stretchable, snap proof & durable. Wider, more comfortable fit with premium comfort to perform all booty exercises at home gym. Booty bands are featherweight & easy to carry in a gym bag. Do not miss any workout and train yourself anywhere with portable & high-quality fabric glute bands. Comes in 3 colors set with a carry bag.

  • NON SLIP DESIGN- Premium non-slip design of fitness bands for men and women offers extra grip to get the physique of your choice with ease at home gym. The bands will not roll up or down while you are doing exercises and you will have an exclusive workout experience from start till end. Fabric resistance band surface will also protect your skin from irritation and will become a perfect partner for fitness, yoga & other workouts.
  • COMFORTABLE DURABLE FABRIC WITH REINFORCED STITCHING- our fabric resistance bands features wider design and anti-slip layers for extra durability and comfort. Anti-wear premium poly-cotton fabric of strength bands with latex silk for more grip. These bands are highly elastic and can withstand the most grueling workouts. Our fabric resistance bands are not easy to break because of reinforced stitching. The neat edges ensures that the resistance band will not roll up or down during workouts.
  • THREE RESISTANCE BANDS LEVELS- These workout bands with 3 colors have same size but different strength, provides more flexibility and more options for your workouts. Our Light fabric resistance band has a total length of 660.4mm & can bear strength from 18 to 32lbs. Medium resistance band has a total length of 762mm and weight-bearing capacity of 30-50lbs. Heavy fabric resistance band for home gym features total length of 863.6mm and 45-70lbs strength. A perfect combination of poly-cotton & latex silk with uniform thickness of 3.43mm & 80.01 width these gym resistance bands are lightweight, highly stretchable, snap proof & durable
  • EXERCISE ANYTIME ANYWHERE – exercise anytime anywhere with lightweight, portable and easy to carry heavy resistance bands to workout anywhere anytime. Our fabric exercise bands comes with a storage bag. The fitness bands occupies a small space and it can be easily carried with you. No matter where you are, at home, gym or office, carry this fabric resistance band set with you and never miss your workout.
  • MULTIFUNCTION- top of the line multifunctional hip resistance band designed for home gym. Exercise all parts of the buttocks, arm and leg muscles and abdomen with hip resistance band. The different training modes of the exercise bands can make your whole body stronger and continuously increase the athletic ability, muscle endurance and strength. Comes with a handy printed exercise guide to help you get the best use from your resistance bands.
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    Bounce Back with Unbreakable Fabric

    The high-quality fabric used to make the RDX CG Heavy-Duty Fabric Resistance
    Training Bands is made to retain its flexibility over time, even after
    extensive use. This is crucial because it guarantees that the bands offer
    consistent resistance throughout your workout, which will help you more
    efficiently reach your fitness goals. Also, you won't need to keep purchasing
    them. More savings with effective exercises!

    Push Limits, Not Equipment

    the deadly snap when testing the band’s stretch limit? Snaps are dreadful,
    granted. But don't worry with these boys! These non-slip bands are built to
    withstand the toughest workouts, thanks to their heavy-duty construction and
    wide design with reinforced stitching. They can handle the strain of intense
    exercises without losing their shape or elasticity, which ensures that they
    will last longer than other resistance bands on the market.

    One Band, Many Goals

    One of the key benefits of RDX Training Bands is their versatility. They can be
    used to target a variety of fitness goals, including building strength,
    increasing flexibility, and toning muscles. Plus, with just one band, you can
    target muscles top to toe. This makes them a great addition to any workout
    routine, whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete. They add
    resistance to your workouts, build muscle, increase functionality yet are so
    gentle on your joints, you’ll fall in love with them.

    Fitness on the Go

    Your fitness routine is not home or gym bound anymore! The compact design of RDX
    Training Bands makes them easy to carry with you, so you can work out anywhere,
    anytime. This is especially important for people with busy schedules who need
    to fit in a workout whenever they can.

    Customizable Resistance Levels

    The best part is that these fantastic bands come in a variety of sizes. They are
    available in three different resistance levels—light, medium, and heavy—so you
    may pick the one that's best for you. This is crucial since it guarantees that
    the resistance you receive is appropriate for your fitness level and goals. You
    can begin modestly and build strength and stability over time.

    Affordable and Effective Fitness Tool

    RDX Training Bands are lightweight and easy to store, which makes them a great
    option for people who don't have a lot of space for workout equipment. They are
    also a more cost-effective alternative to expensive gym equipment, making them
    a great option for the minimalists or those who dont wan’t to break the bank to
    get fit. Affordable and Effective Fitness Tool



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    What our customers are saying

    March 19, 2024

    Excellent Customer service

    Had a small issue with my order, staff responded immediately to my email to provide info and help with the issue. Received order a couple days later, excellent quality and fit. Will be ordering from them again.

    Gabe C

    Feb 28, 2024

    Fast product replacement

    When my MMA Shinguards developed a tear in training, they quickly sent me a new pair because their warranty covers any equipment that becomes damaged of its own failure. They were kind and thorough!

    Rex Bingham

    Mar 10, 2024

    Sauna suit

    I got the sauna suit and it is great quality. The customer service was great, they replied to my emails in rapid time and took it upon themselves to make me feel like a valued customer. Would highly recommend to anybody

    james crossland

    Mar 6, 2024

    Superb company

    Not only does this company go above and beyond with their customer service but their products are also very high quality at a reasonable price. They will be my first choice for fighting products going forward.

    Simon Pickering

    Mar 16, 2024

    RDX not only has high quality

    RDX not only has high quality, reasonably priced equipment but, also has exceptional personal customer service. Top quality brand we will always recommend in our gym.

    Brody McCaulley

    Mar 15, 2024

    Top notch eqipment

    High quality equipment at reasonable prices. Customer service is exemplary! Rdx are and will continue to be my preferred choice of equipment suppliers for myself and my boxing academy.


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