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Color: Golden
Size: S
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Experience ultimate durability and protection during intense grappling sessions with RDX's Grappling Gloves Shooter Aura Plus T-17. Crafted with Kalix Skin-Maya Hide™ leather, these gloves feature highly absorbent 'IMF' technology moulded foam, EVA-Lution™ sheet, and REACH compliant Dazzle Fabric inner lining for breathability. The thumb is padded with EVA-Lution™ sheet for impact absorption, and the gloves have easy wearability and adjustability with the Quick-EZ hook and loop closure. Industrial grade stitching ensures longevity, and they are available in various sizes from S to XL.

  • Utilises durable Kalix Skin-Maya Hide™ leather
  • Combines 'IMF' technology foam and EVA-Lution™ sheet for optimal protection
  • Padded thumb with EVA-Lution™ sheet for impact absorption
  • REACH compliant Dazzle Fabric inner lining enhances breathability
  • Quick-EZ™ hook and loop closure for easy use
  • Industrial grade stitching ensures longevity
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL
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    Color: Golden
    Size: S

    Train with Unrivalled Durability and Precision

    The exceptional craftsmanship of RDX shooter grappling gloves sets them apart. Crafted with the unparalleled durability of Kalix Skin-Maya Hide™ leather, these gloves endure the most rigorous training sessions and bouts. You'll exude confidence and strength, ready to face any opponent, thanks to these precision-crafted gloves designed to enhance your performance.

    Fight with Superior Shock-absorption Technology

    In combat sports, prioritising safety is paramount. The innovative IMF technology foam and EVA-Lution™ sheet in our Shooter Aura Plus grappling gloves work seamlessly to mitigate the impact of strikes, effectively reducing the risk of injuries. With these gloves, you can confidently push your limits without concerns about potential consequences.

    Intense Training with Maximum Protection

    With advanced impact absorption technology, the hybrid MMA grappling gloves will ensure that you can easily block and strike. The padded thumb with EVA-Lution™ sheet adds an extra layer of protection, giving you the ultimate advantage in the cage. With these gloves, you won't have to worry about injuring your hands or getting caught off guard by unexpected blows.