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What we believe and our mission, at RDX Sports, is to give the ability to the end-users and our valued customers to achieve their objectives with the help of our design, technology, passion and our unquenching thirst of innovation. Our mission is to cover all the aspects of our online activities, be it our web stores or online communities. Our updated privacy policy explains how we process and collect your information. We highly encourage our valued customer to read the updated policy between the lines along with our Terms & Conditions of Use.


It is hereby noted that all the services of RDX Sports and all associated systems are hosted on the server located in UK. Should you be located outside the region, we would like to bring forward and make you aware of the fact that we collect cookies and device data which is stored and processed in United Kingdom. The jurisdiction of this region may not give you the same protection as compared to your local. Once you have agreed to our T&C’s you authorize us to store, process and transfer data under the jurisdiction of UK unless otherwise stated in our policy. At certain stages of using our services, you will be asked to provide your unambiguous consent in order to continue using our services and setting up a customer account.

We strongly recommend our valued users and customer to read the policy between the lines and have a complete understanding of the new changes, rules & regulations and Terms of Use. Should you not agree with any of the changes, we advise you to discontinue using our services or submit your data otherwise.

Note for EU Residents/Users: We have updated our Privacy Policy in-line with the new requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for our EU customers. If you are looking for country specific information for EU and rest of the world user, please refer to our section for Country/Region-Specific Disclosures.

Who We Are

We are RDX INC and RDX Sports including our affiliated companies (herein referred to as “RDX Sports”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”). RDX SPORTS is an online retailer and ecommerce business for sporting goods via below mentioned platform.

Information Regarding Your Personal Data

Apart from your interaction with our services, this Privacy Policy accounts for the data about you which you provide us while using our services and your devices.

Any information which may be used to identify, directly or in-directly, you along with collective or stand-alone information is “Personal Data”. This will include, but is not limited to, your complete name, contact information such as email address and phone number, device information, location, IP address, cookies and network information.

In order to improve the quality of services and business, in general, RDX Sports will collect, use, process and distribute or disclose your Personal Data on as is basis when required. We may create de-identified or anonymous data from Personal Data by excluding data components (such as your name, email address, or linkable tracking ID) that makes the data personally identifiable to you, through obfuscation, or through other means. Our use of anonymized and de-identified data is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Collection & Usage of your Personal Data

Listed below are some of the most common ways that we collect your Personal Data, which include, but are not limited to:

When you are making a purchase with us, create or register a user account or while browsing our website, we collect your Personal Data. This data includes, but is NOT limited to, your complete name, contact information including your email address, phone number, personal address for your home or office, your account details including your username and password, D.O.B, information about your payment details and methods and your Location Data. “LOCATION DATA” includes your either approximate, or with your explicit consent, exact location. This information or data is used to create your account and provide you better level of services according to your locale. We will also use the data to further improve our services and business practices, communication between our consumers and us, risk management, testing & monitoring, innovation and any other purposes related to administration.

As mentioned above, we may or may not collect your detailed Location Data in order to improve the functionality of our services. These services may include any promotions or offers for your specific locale, relevant services to your geographical location, weather information and to run analysis to improve our services in your geographical location. We may collect your Precise Location Data based on your ISP or wireless service provider, Bluetooth connected devices, Wi-Fi Access points or any device that you may use in order to access our services online. Under any circumstances, we do not collect the Precise Location Data without your explicit consent. Should you choose to decline the request, you may be required to enter the data manually rather than us collecting it.

If you have signed up with us for promotional material or get in touch with us, we may collect your personal data which includes, but is not limited to, your email address, your mobile number or any other ID that you may have used to get in touch with us.

New product launches, personalized advertising or to update you about the contests and events, only if you have provided your consent to such contact. Your communication preferences can be easily managed by logging-in to your account. These settings, however, does not restrict us from sending you notifications about our performance of services such as any updates to our policies or T&C’s of usage, as required by the law.

Moreover, we may also use your Personal Data in order to get in touch with you in regards to any complaints, suggestions and inquiries that you may have made.

When and if you sign up for any promotional activities or participate in any surveys on our website, we may either request OR otherwise collect your Personal Data. We may use this Personal Data to plan, analyze or for research purposes. This Personal Data, may or may not include, but is not limited to, your complete name, contact information such as email address and mobile number, age and physical address. In event of you winning a promotion, we may also be required to collect your tax information and/or any waivers & releases, which are dependent on the prize.

We may, from time to time, launch surveys in order to get your opinion about our services and products. These surveys may either be launched directly by us or any of our affiliated partners. Regardless, your data will be protected under the new guidelines of GDPR.

When or if you engage with any of our online communities, we may collect your Personal Data. Engagement towards our online communities include, but is not limited to, interaction with our Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…) submit any content (Audio, video), write a review or provide any information on any of the forums either sponsored or affiliated with RDX Sports. It is highly recommended that you exercise extreme caution while disclosing information on such forums as these are public.

If you’d wish to register or pay for a third party service or a product, through our Services, we would allow you to do so however, we may collect all the Personal Data and Information that you will share with those Third Parties. We will inform you about all the details on how we will use your Personal Data, when we collect from Third Party or Parties.

We may obtain certain data about you from third party sources to help us provide and improve the Services and for marketing and advertising. We may combine your Personal Data with data we obtain from our Services, other users, or third parties to enhance your experience and improve the Services, such as providing you with a single point of sign on for our Services and/or building an account dashboard letting you understand how to access and control all the Services you use from a single page.

If you choose to connect with us or use our Services through third party Social Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…we may collect your personal data that you have provided to the SNS (Social Networking Service). This data may include, but is not limited to, your email address, your social media profile including your profile pictures, your likes & dislikes and your friend lists. Should you be not willing to provide us such information, you will be required to adjust the privacy settings of your Social accounts.

From time to time we will centralize and aggregate Personal Data in order to improve our services, to bring innovation to our products, and for the purposes of analyzing the information.

When you have provided us your explicit consent to acquire your Precise Location Data, we will use the information in order to provide you locale specific promotions, offers and/or other advertisements.

We may use Personal Data in order to comply with laws, regulations, court orders, or other legal obligations or to assist in an investigation, to protect and defend our rights and property, or the rights or safety of third parties, to enforce our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy, or agreements with third parties, or for crime-prevention purposes.

• RDX Sports has an Athlete Sponsorship program which allows the young and rising talent to become a part of RDX Family. If you are working with RDX Sports under this program, your data will be collected, however, it will not be used for any marketing or advertisement purposes.

How we disclose your Personal Data

We may, occasionally, disclose the Personal Data which we have obtained from you for the above mentioned purposes, in the ways as mentioned below:

We will disclose your personal data to any of our affiliates and partners for the purposes of Marketing and Advertisements.

Your data may be shared by either us or by you when you use social network widgets, plugins or buttons through our Services.

To improve our services and make them more personalized, we may share your Personal Data with our Marketing & Business providers.

With your consent, we may share your Personal Data with our Marketing Partners and third parties including Facebook, Twitter etc…solely for the purposes of curated marketing and platform personalization.

We may share your Personal Data with certain organizations for the purposes of analysis and Service Improvements.

With law enforcement, government or regulatory bodies, lawful authorities, or other authorized third parties in order to comply with laws, regulations, court orders, or other legal obligations or to assist in an investigation, to protect and defend our rights and property, or the rights or safety of third parties, to enforce our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy, or agreements with third parties, or for crime-prevention purposes.

Legal Basis for Processing

As per the new changes in the GDPR, we will ask for your consent in order to process your Personal Data provided to us. Your data and consent may be collected in a number of ways including, but not limited to, (i) When you provide your personal data via our Services or by filling a form including signing up for Promotional emails; or (ii) when you sign up or register an account with us. However, since each countries’ laws differ, regarding the consent and collection of data, general requirements for consent will vary depending on your country of residence. We may ask for your explicit consent to process and share your Personal Data for any of the below reasons and activities:

Should we need to contact you via Phone call, Text Message and/or email, we will ask for your explicit consent before contacting you. We may need to contact you for Promotions, events, services and other general questions regarding the areas of your interest.

While processing data, we send the data to other states. However, before we take the step of transferring your data, we will ask for your explicit consent to transfer the data. In certain cases, this might be justified on legal basis rather than obtaining consent from the customer/end-user.

As mentioned previously in the Privacy Policy, we collect information from you including Cookies, Location Data for purposes of advertisements.

We may request your consent to collect your precise Location Data. Our Services may require this data to provide the Services. If you choose not to provide this information, certain Services features may be unavailable or not function properly.

In addition, we may request your consent to share your precise Location Data with Third Parties for on and off platform personalization and curated marketing and advertising purposes.

We may use some automated processing to provide our Services and to make recommendations in the context of specific services. This processing is strictly necessary for providing certain Services (and, in some cases, is the service itself) and is not covered by consent. Other automated processing is not significant either due to the nature of the data or the decisions being made or recommended, and so consent is not required. However, for automated processing that is significant and related to sensitive Personal Data, prior to sharing or using such data, we will first seek your consent.

We may request your consent to use your Personal Data for Research purposes. We may also request your consent to contact you to determine your interest to participate in certain Research initiatives and to share identifying results. For market research, we may ask questions on behalf of business partners and share your response with business partners.

Transfers of Your Personal Data to Other Countries

All the Personal Data processes and all the associated services and systems, inclusive of the registrations of RDX Sports, is stored on servers based in United Kingdom. If you happen to be located outside the jurisdiction of United Kingdom, please be informed that all your Personal Data is collected, processed and stored under the jurisdiction of United Kingdom.

By agreeing to our T&C’s and submission of your Personal Data, you give us the consent to store, transfer and/or process your Personal Data under the laws of the United Kingdom. Should we need, we will ask for your explicit consent to carry out such activities however, in certain cases the law of United Kingdom may supersede the consumer consent.

Data Retention

For as long as you maintain an account with us, we will store your Personal Data which may be required to provide you the best level of Services. Not only this, but we will store your data for as long as it is necessary, by law, to enforce agreements, dispute resolution and legal obligations under that statue of the state.

Where we think that we do not need your Personal Data for further processes, we will right away delete your data and all the related personal information from our systems and servers. Moreover, we are also able to delete your data upon a request from you, however, we would need to figure out if that’s permissible by law. Should you need more information on how to initiate such a request, please click here.


Whereas we implement the latest security measures in order to keep your data and personal information protected, please be advised, that we are unable to guarantee to fully eliminate the risks involved in storing and transmission of your Personal Data.

Managing Preferences and Withdrawing Consent

You may at any time withdraw your consent with future effect and without affecting the lawfulness of processing of your Personal Data based on the consent you provided before you withdrew it, and exercise other controls regarding website and online data collection, interest-based advertising, your communication settings, and app preferences. You can use the following ways to manage your preferences:

Undeniably, cookies do serve a range of purposes. These cookies are data packets stored in your web-browser, transmitted to websites to remember your browser over time and distinguish it from other users. Cookies are used to remember your shopping cart and personalize your web experience and for security, analytics, marketing, and interest-based advertising. Our cookies are placed and read by our web servers, while other cookies are placed and read by other companies' web servers. Information on specific cookies is found on our website via the Ad Choices link. You can block and control cookies using the information noted in this section. If you block all cookies, certain functionality on our website will not work.

You can choose not to have IP address used for purposes of advertising or analytics by using the cookie controls for "Advertising Cookies," and "Performance/Analytics,”.

HTML5 Local Storage in the browser is different from cookies, but can be used for the same purpose (to pair a tracking ID to a particular web server with your web browser so that the web server can identify your web browser over time). You can control the purpose for which HTML5 Local Storage is used by using the cookie controls outlined above.

You can also turn off the transmission of precise Location Data by turning off those services using your mobile device's built-in settings. Turning off location may cause some of our Services not to work.

When loaded by your web browser, the pixels are extremely small files which force the browser to make a network request to the party which corresponds to the pixel. Beacons can be used on web pages for advertising or to confirm the opening of a marketing email. When used in conjunction with cookies for interest-based-advertising, the cookie controls above can be used to control the purpose for which they are used.

Flash cookies are "local shared objects" used by Flash player to store data, similar to cookies. Although Flash content is declining in use, we may still use Flash on our sites. If you have Flash installed, and wish to delete, block, or manage Flash cookies, please use the Flash settings panel made available by Adobe.