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Product SKU:SRI-C4

RDX C4 Adjustable Skipping Jump Rope

In stock

Product SKU: SRI-C4


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The rope does not pause during revolutions

Purchased other cable wire ropes to use for jumping rope outside to cut through the wind. The revolutions would slacken and pause during jumping rope leading to the rope hitting my hands, legs, or wherever. The plastic encasing the ropes dried, split and tore exposing spikes of wire. The purpose of jumping rope was to get me up and out doing something useful for a few hours. The pain was tempting me to stop doing something I really enjoyed and there had to be other options, better ropes that were not as expensive as I had seen. Purchased the RDX C4 Adjustable Skipping Jump Rope as a result of how it was built which has avoided the pause mid revolution that was causing the rope to catch my foot and harm me during hours of rope time. The revolutions are faster and smoother with this rope, my planned jumping experience has improved and been easier and painless. My only complaint is it did not come in pink, a hot pink. I would have LOVED that.

Posted on 5/30/2018

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