RDX Track Tag FAQ's

1) How do I know this RDX is authentic?

If you’ve purchased your products from authorized dealers, distributors and retailers, then YES! We will soon be introducing the RDX TRACK TAG authenticity code to eliminate chances of counterfeit products. Simply plug your code on our website (www.rdxtt.com) to verify whether your purchase is authentic or not.  For further details you can always contact our Customer Care Centre.

2) The Item I want is out of stock. Can I be notified when stocks are available again?

Of course! Simply add your details to the wish list and we’ll contact you right away, the second we’ve restocked.  Contact our Customer Service Centre for further details.

3) What Size am I?

Product specific, body specific, and hand specific size charts are available with the dimensions mentioned in our products descriptions so that you can make a fully informed decision based on your size and preference. 

4) What are your Shipping / Refunds / Exchange / Payment Policies?

Shipping Policy: www.rdxsports.com/shipping-policy

Refund Policy: www.rdxsports.com/return-policy

5) Can I physically try/test the product?

Unfortunately, we are only an online store and do not have a store location. Need help with sizing or selecting a product? Contact us by email or call our Customer Care Centre for guidance. 

6) Why should I go to your Official Website when another website is offering the same but with discounts?

If you would like to risk purchasing a counterfeit product that breaks after a few uses, then be our guest. Our products are created through a set of standards that we have honed and practiced for over a decade, there is ZERO possibility of a knockoff even coming close to our quality of craftsmanship. That is why you should buy your RDX products directly from www.rdxsports.com or authorized dealers, partners, distributors or retailers; and remember, no RDX Track Tag, no True Product. Avoid fakes, wasting money, and risking injury.

7) What do you mean by Overnight Shipping?

We will send your package overnight from our warehouses to make sure you receive your purchased product as soon as possible. For further enquiry please contact our Customer Care Centre.

8) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, indeed we ship internationally and we ship for free*!


Please Note: Our free shipping offer is not for Heavy items.